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    Central Asia 250TPD Flat Glass Project Advances
    Posted On:2017-08-13           Viewers:2126

    Up to the end of July this year, goods delivery for Central Asia 250TPD flat glass production line has been successfully completed. Contract for this project was signed at the end of last October. Under the tight delivery schedule and with such heavy task at hand, the manufacturing workshop of ZGIEC worked extra shifts and hours and finally finished the fabrication of the equipments for the two lines within the stipulated time of the contract, ensuring the overall schedule of the whole project. The said flat glass plant is expected to be completed by the end of this year, and will become the largest flat glass manufacturing base in the region at the time of production.

    Annealing lehr in fabrication

    Annealing Lehr Well-Packed

    Cold End Ready for Packing

    Equipments Loaded on Truck